Chapter 10

Sports And Games

The battle of Waterloo was won on the playfields of Eaton.

Sir Winston Churchill

Humans developed sports to substitute for battle. This was in order to fulfil in a peaceful way, the human urge of aggression, which in the early stages of human evolution was born out of the need to battle for survival.

In the modern world there are a variety of sports and games some are fast-moving, slow-moving, outdoors and indoors. They call for a variety of physical and mental skills, strengths and capabilities.

Participation in sports and games helps you in the development of skills and attitudes of discipline, teamwork, physical and mental agility, strength, stamina etc.

These can useful in various day to day and practical aspects of life even off the sports or games arena. Hence participation in some of these is given considerable importance in education in schools and colleges and it is considered good to take part in some of these.

Some sports like football, tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket, baseball etc. have grown to having huge spectator followings and have consequently developed into huge business opportunities.

Participation in sports and

games builds intelligence,

health and character.