Chapter 6


Remember, we all stumble, everyone of us. Thatís
why itís a comfort to go hand in hand.

Emily Kimbrough

Good relationships all round are crucial, for both professional success and personal happiness.

At work you should try and connect well with clients, bankers, vendors, bosses but also peers, junior team members, even the most low level persons within and outside the workplace.

Some simple ways can be: greeting warmly and genuinely, remembering birthdays, festivals, smiling, being thoughtful and enquiring about their situation of family, health etc. by being helpful, socializing with them, getting to know their families, etc.

It is however important that these be genuine and from the heart and not a put-on act. If so, it can have a negative reaction. People are sensitive and know the difference between the genuine and the fake.

Even being nice to persons who provide services like electricians, plumbers, mechanics, helps you and them feel better.

Good relations with family and friends makes for a sense of well being, which ensures better balance in life. It should not be taken for granted and is worth the effort to do so.

Since good relationships are so crucial for success and happiness it should not be a casual effort. Specific persons should be identified and a schedule should be prepared for relationship building interactions.

This may sound too artificial and contrived, but is probably the best way to ensure good relationships.

You need to make the effort.

In researches carried out in questioning persons in the very last stage of life it has been found that most of the regrets that people have at the end of life do not relate to money, or the lack of material possessions, or even their lack of success, but of relationships not pursued or not mended.

So you could decide on improving a relationship with a specific person and you could decide exactly what you will do, to build the relationship and you could commence to do so.

Invest time in

relationships, to add to

your success and

happiness and theirs too.